Bullying : A Delicate Issue Of Today 's Youth Essay

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Bullying: A Delicate Issue of Today’s Youth The youth of today are delicate when it comes to growing up during childhood. Their childhood should be filled with blessed memories of life lessons to learn when they reach adulthood. But, in today’s society, children grow up with many obstacles that can leave them emotionally scarred, damaged, or disturbed like: having to grow up in poverty, witnessing their parents go through a divorce, a tragic death in the family, etc. But, a severe obstacle that children suffer today is bullying. Bullying is major problem that children experience today that leave them very damaged if it can’t be stopped. It is unfair that children nowadays are bullied by other children because of many emotional issues or hatred between one another. Bullying is a serious problem that must be taken serious because if not the effects of bullying can lead to severe; possibly, long term emotional problems for the victims. Discussing the effects of bullying is only half the story. In order to understand and stop potential bullying we must look at the causes first. For example, the bully’s reason to torture his victim is for a fact as a source of feeling powerful. It seems that childhood is like another imitation of nature taking its course. It is similar to the bully and his victim resembling a fox and a rabbit in nature. Both the fox and bully have power over the victim/rabbit due to their status of power. The bully could be a big person as his victim is a…

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