Bullying : A Common Problem For Children Essay

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School bullying has become a common problem for children in elementary schools in the United States. There are many types of bullying that can include physical, verbal, cyber bully and relationship bullying. Physical bullying can include any action like pushing, hitting and even kicking someone without a reasonable cause. Some even take it as far as stealing and ruining other students stuff. Verbal bullying is any type of insult, teasing and name-calling. Cyber bullying can occur by text messaging, email and by phone and includes constant annoyance and harassment of the victim. Relationship bullying is presented when a student refuses to talk to another student and exclude them from activities. Bullying is more common at schools and it is important that teachers are aware of bullying sign in order to act as an intermediate. Bullying can be defined as the act of someone intimidating others by using physical and verbal abuse. In the book, The Bullying Prevention Handbook by Hoover and Oliver, it states that” bullying can be distinguished as indirect or direct bullying” because direct bullying “are opens attacks on a victim, while indirect is often mean isolation from groups and even exclusion”(Hoover. Oliver, P 5, 1996).The negative results of bullying can be seen in the affiliation between bullying behavior and school issues, such as academic success, school closeness, and school absences (Dake, Price, & Telljohan, 2003). There are common characteristics of a bully, like…

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