Bule 303 Essay

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Constitutional Law questions:
1.In the Mount Soledad case discussed on page 105 of the text, why did the 9th circuit determine that the cross violated the establishment clause. (because it endorses christian religion, because it stands next to the veteran memorial and not all veterans were christian.) ((The circuit determined that the cross "physically dominated" the site where veterans of all religions were to be remembered; that the cross, with its dominating physical appearance, could possibly take away the due respect and attention for veterans of non-Christian religions.)
2.Page 110 of your text has a section on marriage equality and the Constitution. This section explains why marriage equality can become a business related
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The Wind Program supports industry partnerships and targeted R&D investments that integrate new designs, materials, and processes into manufacturing facilities, thus making wind turbines a more affordable source of renewable energy for communities around the country)
((The department works with Wind Manufacturing Suppliers to increase manufacturing efficiency. The goal of the program is to promote ways to cut down costs while meeting market demands for the manufacturers. The program is also designed to implement wind turbines as a more stable and reliable energy source for the manufacturing industry.)) http://energy.gov/eere/wind/wind-manufacturing-and-supply-chain

4.What is offshore wind?
(technologies that can capture wind resources off the coasts of the United States and convert that wind into electricity)
((Offshore wind refers to wind resources captured from the U.S. coastal regions.)) http://energy.gov/eere/wind/offshore-wind-research-and-development 5.What does the Wind Vision map show? How would this help a business in the wind energy field?
(The offshore wind projects map provides information about progress around the country)
((The Wind Vision map shows the level of wind energy development by locations. The map could serve as a guideline to businesses that would either join the wind energy generation industry or utilize the abundant wind every to produce other goods.))

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