Building the Cuyahoga River Valley Organizations Essay

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MBA 563: Organizational Assessment and Intervention

Case Study #2: Building the

Cuyahoga River Valley Organization

Edie Druktenis

March 28, 2013

This case focuses on the development of the Cuyahoga River Valley Organization (CRVO) which is charged with caring out the Cuyahoga Valley Initiative (CVI). The initiation of this organization began with an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 2000. The article discussed the history, natural beauty, and industry in the Cuyahoga Valley located in northeastern Ohio. The valley is rich in natural resources and allows for access to land and water transportation networks that helped it to be positioned as a center for many of America’s early industries
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However, the decisions that would be made that would impact the triad, network partners, and valley projects would require decision making efforts that were more exploratory and required the acceptance of trial and error outcomes. The CRVO would implement decisions made by the stakeholders that focused on the implementation of initiatives, projects and other interests of member organizations. Because there are so many stakeholders and entities involved in the mission of the CVI, the CRVO would likely work best with an organizational structure that resembled a vertical market network. These networks are typically composed of many organizations linked to a focal organization that coordinates the movement of the activities of all involved. In the case of the CRVO, it is being established to do just that, coordinate the activities of the triad, network partners, and projects. The advantage of network based forms of organizations include flexible and dynamic response to dynamic environments, allows for focusing of resources on the customer and market needs, permits rapid expansion, and can produce synergistic results (Cummings & Worley, 2009, pg. 331). Given the large number of entities involved in the CVI that the CRVO will be providing administrative oversight of, it is critical that the organizational form of the CRVO be flexible and this is easier to do in a networked environment. Since the organization will consist of groups of

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