Building Services And Environmental Science Essay

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• Human thermal comfort is ultimately dependent upon six simple parameters that can be easily measured and assessed for any individual in any particular environment. This allows us to design buildings within which all occupants will be thermally comfortable.

The aim of a building, either dwellings or commercial buildings is to offer shelter and a different climate from the world outside . One of the factor to consider to build a favourable place to work or live is the thermal comfort. The thermal comfort is 'that condition of mind which expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment ' (ANSI/ASHRAE, 2013), in other words means that people in that environment are not feeling either too hot or too cold. As human beings we feel different sensations in different ways so a particular environment can be comfortable for one person but uncomfortable for another, that is why it is really difficult to build and create a thermal environment that satisfy everyone. The Health and Safety executive suggest that a 'reasonable comfort ' is achieved when at least the 80% of the occupants of a building are feeling comfortable (Health and Safety Executive, no date). The aim of the designer will be to satisfy the thermal needs of most of the people providing the services necessary to make the most of them comfortable, this needs has to meet with costs restriction and environmental impact.

But why is it so important to…

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