Building Resilience City : Building Cities Essay

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Building Resilience City

Building cities for more than half of the population on the planet becomes significant problem for environment. It has been long since we crossed the threshold when the cities were only a point of concentration of the population, trade, industry and transport. Today was simply impossible to follow sustainable development in cities with millions people without “big cuts”. New York, which has nearly nine million inhabitants and major cultural, historical and financial resources, rapidly approaching the danger area of climate change. The organization for Economic Cooperation and development (OECD) ranked this city among the top ten in the world who are exposed to the highest risk because of rising sea levels and predict that by 2070 as much as 2.9 million people and assets worth 2.1 billion dollars can be affected by floods caused by storms. Hurricane Sandy, which had devastating consequences, is one of the examples of global warming and the first warning of the dangers that can be expected in the future.
Global warming is a name that means the process of increase of CO2 in the air. By increasing the CO2 increases and the average annual temperature. But despite the weather becomes more extreme, the amplitude of temperature are becoming larger, which leads to extremely worse situation in places where floods, droughts and cold are usual. It is really important to do something about New York’s…

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