Building Our Nation, One Conflict At A Time Essay

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Building Our Nation, One Conflict At A Time

Imagine being on a ship for months, traveling to a land thousands of miles away from your home, waters rocking you back and forth, food supply getting scarce. Beginning to wonder if you will ever reach your destination, finally, there it is. In the year of 1620 youre just feet away from your new home; bringing unimaginable trials, triumphs, and possibly even some interesting friends. Many people believe the British travelled to The New World merely on account of exploration. Although that is partly true, there is much more to it than that. Most either believed they were sailing toward freedom of worship, a way to receive glory, or hoped this “new world” would be well stocked with gold.

For example, the Puritans, now known as Pilgrims, were people who fled England (labelled Separatists) and travelled to the New World in hopes of a promising land where they could freely exercise their religious views, away from persecution. They received permission to relocate to a place near the mouth of the Hudson River. Finding themselves in the wrong place, the Pilgrims realized if they settled here, it would be considered as a rebellion against the Crown. So, the adult men created a document before going ashore. This document emphasized their allegiance to King James and the denial of an intention to independently establish a civil government, stating their purpose being “for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian…

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