Building Management Systems ( Shang Et Essay

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Building Management Systems
The building management system is meant to control all the electrical and electronic equipment in a building (Shang et. al, 2014). The building management system produced by Digi Tech is the Safe Home D34. This product is still in the prototyping stage, thus will be available for sale after 3 months. The advantages of this product is that is compatible with all security and energy systems produced by the company. The Safe Home D34 will enable the customers to control all systems in their premises under a single platform. The disadvantage of this product is that it is only compatible with the company’s systems and those from selected high-end suppliers.
Fingerprint Locks and Scanners
This product is meant to offer biometric security and identification. The benefits of the product is that is applicable for both household and commercial uses. The product will benefit the customers by providing secure access to their homes as with the case with the mature home owners. The commercial property owners can use the product to restrict unauthorized persons’ entry into specific buildings or areas of the buildings. This product is different from those available in the market because it is universally compatible with the building management systems. Electronic Safes
The electronic safes produced by Digi Tech will cater for the needs of the small and large organizations, or individuals. The safes come in various sizes and can be built into a wall or…

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