Building Fire At 34 Jerome Avenue Essay

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CHIEF’S REPORT: Chief Farmer stated that in the month of July there was a total of 38 calls. There was one third alarm building fire at 34 Jerome Avenue. The Operation Task Force just about every Fire Department within our task force was at this fire. Chief Farmer stated this was one of the biggest fire Chief Farmer stated that communication was a major issue. The stock boxes for all different department was on different channels. Accountability of communication should have been better. Command was trying to keep track of their firefighters. Mutual Aid seven times.
There was a kitchen fire at 52 Scott’s Drive. Nothing happened in Windsor, CT for the month of July. The roof is almost completed. The flat roof should be finished by this Friday. Chief Farmer stated that Garfield Albertine painted and did cosmetic work to his office. The new stove is here, but the District still have technical issues with the Classic Restaurant Supply. The gas stove is not on yet as of 7/31/15 and the District was charged an additional $75.00 for a removal fee. Effective September 1, 2015 Elvis Best will switch to second shift 3:30 until 11:30. The maintenance and electrical issue will have to be picked up by someone else. There are five new drivers in the Certification 2 Classes Nordet, Kevin, Dominique, Jordan and Mike. Miquel and Tevar are finishing the firefighter 1 Class.
Please refer to incident log.
FIRE MARSHALL’S REPORT: FM Lewis met with Greg the manager at…

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