Essay on Building A Software Company For An Organization

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Neal Patterson, Paul Gorup, and Cliff Illig, who were colleagues at Arthur Andersen founded Cerner in 1979. These three partners set out to build a software company for an industry where information was mission critical. The founders quickly realized hospitals were organized internally as silos and needed a method for coordinating care. They also understood that data generated in the silos could improve the quality and safety of health care if the information was shared in a common platform. In the 1980’s, Cerner created that platform (“History of Cerner Corporation” (1997).
In 1984, Cerner rolled out its first software application, the PathNet Laboratory Information System. PathNet provided a comprehensive information system for laboratory clinicians, allowing laboratories to automate their processes. PathNet grew and combined applications for general laboratory information, microbiology, blood bank transfusion, blood bank donation, and anatomic pathology, prevailing financial focus on data gathering systems. By 1986, PathNet became the market leader, with more than 30 sites implemented. The PathNet system was the start of many applications that would revolutionize the healthcare industry for more the 30 years. (“History of Cerner Corporation” (1997).
Cerner’s primary goal was to automate the healthcare process. They started focusing various aspects of healthcare processes ranging from registration, clinical care, and pharmacy services. Outcome measurements for each…

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