Essay Building A Small Secondary Sewage Treatment Plant

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This method may cost too much to modify machines, and hiring experts may waste time. In this case, to achieve the goal of fully successful waste-water treatment, it is essential to build a small secondary sewage treatment plant, which the cost is unseasonable high, and the complex operations management must also be equipped with professional worker, which greatly limits its widely used. I doubt any firm will be willing to pay this extra efforts to to use this method to eliminate waste-water. In Canada, most waste-water systems are owned and operated by municipalities. Because Canada people have strong awareness for environmental, they have many useful approaches for developing countries like china to learn from: 1, provincial and municipal governments and local residents are super serious: they have greater financial support, and the legal and institutional management are more scientific and rigorous. Such as Calgary in 2003 spend government budget expenditure of 247 million Canadian dollar for water, waste-water treatment ,waste recycling, and environmental management , in total accounting for 16.25 % of the city budget for that year. And the federal, provincial and municipal governments also have long-term planning and investment on the city 's sewers, waste and recycling and other basic public facilities. Each project plan, design, construction and subsequent management have their certain rules and regulations, and the same as the use of enterprise management…

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