Building A Building At Massey University Gymnasium Parking Lot

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1. Building – Massey University Gymnasium
This photo was taken in the Massey University gymnasium parking lot from the best possible position in order to capture the front of the building while also acquiring as much as possible. The photo was taken from this position in order to capture both the size of the gymnasium and also the gym’s name printed along the top of the roof with the few images next to it.
This photo represents masculinity based on the fact that males used to be the only ones who designed buildings based on masculinity. One of the first females to both design a building and have it built known as Sophia Hayden had her building referred to as the ‘woman’s building. This was based mainly on the fact that the building did not function as correct architecture since its ‘lessons’ were different from those of its masculine neighbours (Domosh, 1996). This could relate to the design of the gym due to it being feminine with layout being uneven whereas if it was masculine everything would probably be even and very symmetrical. After all, how could a building designed by a woman, considered a novice be seriously considered a true participant in the aesthetic world (Domosh, 1996). However, because gymnasiums is primarily where visual feats of masculinity such as strength, aggressiveness activeness and many others are provided. Because of the increase in members these buildings tend to be providing an increase in masculinity for both the men, who generally…

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