Essay on Buddhism : Religion And Religion

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Buddhism is a religion which is considered to have been founded by the doctrine of discipline which is still followed by the people who practice this religion. The Dharma provides is the basis upon which Buddha seeks to provide a supportive social structure to enable its practice within the society. There are certain doctrines which are important in the religion and which govern the practice of the religion. Through their inclusion within the religion individuals are able to pursue happiness through the religion.
Thevarda Buddhism is a branch of the religion which utilises the teaching of Buddha as they have been preserved in the original language of Pali. These texts form the core of the doctrine of discipline as is relied upon the individuals practicing the religion. This essay explores Thevarda and discusses the most important elements and the essential aspects of the religion as they relate to the three jewels of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
Buddha is considered as an individual whose name means the enlightened one or the awakened one. This is an indication of the freedom that the person achieved in his life and the forms the basis upon which the teachings of Buddhism have been based. His teachings are about enlightenment and a realisation of happiness in every person’s life. According to his believes, individuals are in constant search for happiness which remains elusive to them. The Buddha is accredited with starting the religion of Buddhism many…

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