Essay on Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, And Judaism

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Religions and rituals are one of the most historically influential topics on our society. Among all the religions in the world, there are some oldest, biggest, and the most influential religions and they are Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. Religion itself has a big impact on our lives, but also the religious rites take big part from past to present. Buddhism is a religion mainly concerned in one’s inner peace and liberation from suffering. It is originated from India reaching almost 2,500 years of history. There are approximately 367 million followers in today’s world. Gautama Buddha, also known as the young Indian prince Siddhartha Gautama or “the awakened one”, is the founder and leader of this religion. The encouragement on how Gautama gets to bring Buddhism to people comes from the “suffering” he saw outside of his palace. During his life, Gautama established the community of monks “Sangha” and taught the path to liberate from suffering “Dharma.” However, even in this peaceful religion, there are contradicting events that brings question to the belief itself. Like Buddhists who “…have commended nonviolence, … have also gone to war with the name of Buddha on their lips. They have valued celibacy, but have also written erotic manuals and rejoiced in family life, in the name of Buddha. (Jones 1088; vol.2)” Christianity is a religion with the largest number of followers. There are approximately 2.04 billion Christians within some 2,000 years of its…

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