Essay on Buddhism : Buddhism And The Buddha

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The religion that I choose to explore was Buddhism, which is completely different from Christianity. I did not have many interactions with Buddhist or Buddhism growing up. I did grow up with a lot of Buddha statues in my house for decoration purposes, but never truly understand what or who the chubby man was. My knowledge prior to this exploration of faith was slim to none; I only knew that people of Asian decent prayed to him. Through this project I found out that it was a welcoming religion that originate from a man who wanted to end human suffering.
Like many other religions there are different denominations, but they all stem from the story of Guatama Siddhartha also know as the Buddha. The story begins with Queen Maya dreaming that she would be supernaturally impregnated, and would lead to the birth of a reincarnated being. Queen Maya died given birth to Guatama Siddhartha, which left his father in control of his life. Siddhartha’s father learned that there was two paths that Siddhartha could follow become king or a religious leader. In hopes to lead Siddhartha in the direction of a king, his father isolated him from the all suffering and religious teachings. Obviously, Siddhartha’s father attempt to keep his away from religion failed. Siddhartha wanted to end human suffering, he searched for the “Middle Path” and soon was enlighten after meditation under a Bodhi tree. When Siddhartha reached enlightenment he became Buddha meaning the “Awakened One.” Siddhartha…

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