Buddhism : An Endless Cycle Of Life And Death Essay

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Buddhism was started in India by the Buddha, who was said to have found enlightenment, and taught others to find enlightenment for themselves. Buddhists believe that people are stuck in an endless, painful cycle of birth and death unless they can achieve enlightenment. At death, the body is wrapped in a white scarf and buried. The exception is of Tibetan Buddhists, who feed the bodies of the dead to the vultures. This is very different from what most Americans practice because in America, a corpse is buried or cremated instead of fed to the vultures, and in America, many people do not believe in reincarnation. Buddhism, a religion located mainly in southern Asia, follows the teachings of the Buddha and believes that the deceased are trapped in an endless cycle of life and death unless enlightenment is achieved, when the person can reach nirvana; at death, a sky burial is performed by a Buddhist monk, or the body is wrapped in a white scarf to represent purity, and then buried.
Buddhism began in India when the Buddha, a man who was said to have had everything – he was a prince, so he had plenty to eat, servants, and a loving family – made a trip into the world outside his palace. Outside, he saw poverty, death, and destruction. Confused by this, he went to a nearby stupa tree and meditated. When he was done, he became enlightened and understood the world. He discarded worldly comforts and the temptation of simply arriving at nirvana and set out to teach others how to achieve…

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