Bruce Meyer 's Whether Happy Or Sad, Is Driven By A Profound Sense Of Love

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Bruce Meyer describes that a poem “whether happy or sad, is driven by a profound sense of love”. Meyer commonly writes poetry following the themes of lost love, heartbreak, suffering from pain and nature. Through his various works of poetry Meyer describes the pain and suffering of love and connects it with nature. Meyer himself describes his personal affinity for nature, as he lives across from a botanical garden, as well as his description of “people watching” for inspiration. His natural affinity for nature sets many poems in nature, relating back to humans and love. He style usually consists of mood that is tranquil, sentimental, peaceful and even sad. He reflects the mood in his tone usually being reflective, melancholy, and appreciative. In the “snow” by Bruce Meyer describes a lost love and its relation to nature. Set outside in the snow, Meyer begins to describe a cold winter as an allegory for a first love.
Meyer beings by describing how “time does not pass when snow is falling-”, represented by a stream of consciousness. The incorporated dash acts as a pause at the end of the line to add suspense and further submerge the reader within “the snow”. The effective use of metaphors and similes connects nature and in this case “the snow” with humans and human nature. The persona describes a “body [that] trembles beneath a white sheet”, and how “time stills in [his] mind like unbroken snow”. The representation of the snow through both devices creates a profound image of…

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