Broken Gender Norms With An Identity Crisis Essay

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Broken Gender Norms with an Identity Crisis Ernest Hemingway is often referred to as a ‘masculine writer’; this is based on his common themes of war, fishing, and fighting. His portrayal of women has caused him to be labeled as a sexist, or a misogynist. Despite traditional gender roles being common in his early life, during his teenage and adult years, he witnessed the rapid change and breakdown in gender roles and identity. In today’s day and age, his work is being analyzed, and it is being argued that he was not a sexist, but instead that his writings expressed almost feminist views. Hemingways female characters show dominance in both romantic and platonic relationships, break tradition gender roles and stereotypes, as well as express real, relatable characters that female readers could identify with. Hemingway uses dominance to break women away from the stereotypical light they were shown in. He does this through the use of both platonic and romantic relationships where the female(s) are on equal footing with their male counterparts both in the home and in public, as well as through their interactions linguistically and physically. The character Catherine Barkley in A Farewell to Arms shows a female who is on equal footing with the men that surround her. She works tirelessly to help those wounded in war, not only does she do this but she travels to a foreign land to do so with no assistance. While she does have Frederic, he makes it known that Catherine is brave, and…

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