`` Broken `` English Negatively Impacts Immigrants On A Daily Basis?

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“Broken” English negatively impacts immigrants on a daily basis. A great example of this negative impact is shown through “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan. Tan’s parents fled from China in the 1940’s with many other people because of China’s Cultural Revolution and when they came to America, they had trouble assimilating with Americans. Tan, on the other hand, had a less difficult time adapting to the American Culture because she was born in America. In Mother Tongue, Tan begins the passage by explaining how powerful language is and then continues on to tell stories that help prove her point. Tan speaks about the different forms of english she uses through anecdotes of her experiences with her mother. According to essay, a survey showed that Asian students did much better on math achievement tests rather than english. Surveys such as these persuade people to believe that Asians, especially those who speak “limited” english are inferior to those who speak “normal” english. The audience intended for this excerpt is the general public because her purpose is to educate them on the unfair repercussions of not being able to speak “normal” english. In “Mother Tongue”, Amy Tan employs logic, credibility, and especially an emotional appeal to persuade the audience to alter their treatment toward those who speak “broken” english. Tan proves how illogical it is for people to think that immigrants, such as her mother, know nothing just because they speak “broken” English.” By giving…

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