British Exit From The European Union Essay

1188 Words Feb 15th, 2016 5 Pages
A British exit from the European Union may be on the horizon, however it will be a very difficult choice for Prime Minister David Cameron. A British exit has it’s pros and cons and if Britain 's choses to stay or leave the European Union will have the country divided, it seems as if staying in the European Union would be the smarter choice for many reasons. Staying in the European Union may have some financial benefits, but the overall freedom and happiness of the the British population will definitely not be very pleased if Britain is to stay as a member in the European Union. David Cameron stated that “ Over the longer term, the institutions and powers of the [Union] will continue to expand and certain policymaking powers heretofore vested in the member states, will be delegated or transferred to, or pooled and shared with [Union[ institutions.”(Doc 1) What David Cameron means by this is that as the European Union continues to grow stronger and bigger member states will have less power over their own laws and policy making. When this happens citizens in the member states may not like certain laws or policies but will have little say as to what those laws or policies will be. As time continues to go on with the European Union making laws and policies for member states “the sovereignty of the member states will increasingly and inevitably be eroded.”(Doc 1) In this quote by David Cameron he is saying that he freedom of the member states will inevitably disappear and the…

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