Essay Britain 's Policy Of Salutary Neglect

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From 1607 to 1754, Britain’s policy of salutary neglect influenced the development of the colonies. There were countless events going on during this time period. The English were busy trying to colonize the new land and trade was developing. Plymouth and Jamestown were the first colonies established by England. These colonies were growing regional differences and people were flourishing because they had freedom. The colonies’ sole purpose was to benefit the mother country. As long as the products were being shipped back to England, the English were indifferent to what the colonists were doing with their lives. They slowly began to develop their own culture and grew more independent from England. Wars and conflicts were being fought without British involvement. Overall, there were many key factors that shaped America’s society because of Britain 's neglect. However, legislative assemblies, commerce, and religion were the most notable.
The colonies started to move towards legislative assemblies during Britain 's policy of salutary neglect. The House of Burgesses and the Mayflower Compact both emerged due to British neglect which contributed to the advancement of American society. The House of Burgesses was formed in 1619. It was established by the Virginia Company in hopes of making conditions more enjoyable for the colonists. They also wanted to encourage people to come to America, so they gave every person who came fifty acres. Representatives chosen by the community…

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