Brief Survey of American Literature Essay

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Brief Survey of American Literature
1. Beginnings to 1700
Great mixing of peoples from the whole Atlantic basin
Bloody conflicts between Native Americans (or American Indians) and European explorers and settlers who had both religious and territorial aspirations - Native American oral literature / oral tradition - European explorers’ letters, diaries, reports, etc., such as Christopher Columbus’s letters about his voyage to the “New world”. - Anglo (New England) settlers’ books, sermons, journals, narratives, and poetry
Native American / American Indian oral literature / oral tradition creation stories(起源神话) trickster tales(恶作剧者传奇) rituals / ceremonies(典仪) songs / chants(曲词)

Anglo Settlers’ Writings
Highly religious
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By a Lady of Massachusetts (1797)
The Romantic period: 1820—1865
As an approach in literary creation, romanticism is ever present in literature of all times.
As a literary movement, it occurred and developed in Europe and America at the turn of the 19th century
Under the historical background of the Industrial Revolution around 1760 and the French Revolution(1789—1799)
Romantic vs. Neoclassic (1)
- reason, order, elegant wit - rationalism of enlightenment in 18th-cent.
- passion, emotion, natural beauty - imagination, mysticism,

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