Brief Description Of An Client Essay

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Brief description of client
Alan Zupka is a fifty year old, Caucasian gay male who appeared to be his age. He has been in a long term relationship for eight years. He was self-referred to counseling. Client has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and is currently working on his Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. Client has been retired since 2008.

Client identified as American when asked his ethnicity. Mr. Zupka is an attractive man who is in good shape, neatly dressed, appropriately groomed, with good hygiene. Client has numerous tattoos on both arms. Client stated “I have tattoos covering 40% of my body.” Client had no apparent physical abnormalities. Client appeared relaxed, sat comfortably, and remained attentive, cooperative, and friendly throughout the interview. Client has an orientation X 4

Alan’s affect was appropriate to content; he was not overly emotional, and remained alert. He demonstrated no abnormalities in motor skills and spoke with a normal rate, rhythm, and volume. The client’s thought processes were coherent, logical, and goal directed with no cognitive impairments noted. He demonstrated proper insight and possessed an above average intellect. His judgment seems good with no loss of impulse control.

Client did not demonstrate any psychotic symptoms and denied any current hallucinations. Client denied both suicidal and homicidal ideation. Client states that he is a “recovering alcoholic” and has been in remission for seven years.…

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