Breastfeeding The Brain Development Of A Baby Essay

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Breastfeeding infants instead of using formula can improve brain development in many different areas. In the article Breastfeeding Boots the Brain Development of a Baby, the article states that breastfeeding can help develop white matter in the brain of infants. This growth in white matter also lead to better performance in areas like language, visual perception and motor control. White matter is a type of tissue in the brain and spinal cord made up of nerve fibers, some may even characterize white matter as the information highway of the brain. The article tries to show the effective use of breastfeeding compared to modern formulated nutrition for infants.
In the study, the researchers looked at the growth of about 133 babies using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to compare the difference in development of infant brains. The babies were put into three categories: infants that are strictly breastfed, infants that are strictly formula fed, and babies that were given a combination of the both. Both male and female toddlers ranging from the age of 10 months to 4 years were examined. The media article stayed fairly relevant to the research article, giving the main points and facts that were given. Infants that were given strictly breast milk had the fasted growth of white matter and this is increasing noticeable at the age of two years. The media article also indicated that the areas of the brain with the most significant increase dealt with language, emotional function, and…

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