Essay about Breast Cancer : The Greatest Threat Of Cancer

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Cancer is among one of the highest leading causes of death across the whole human population. In terms of women, breast cancer continues to be the greatest threat of cancer related death across all ages. Breast cancer is characterized by irregular dividing of cells, in other words uncontrolled cell growth, within the breast leading to the formation of a lump known as a tumor. Tumors are usually categorized into two categories: benign and malignant; in the case of breast cancer, tumors are usually benign though there has been the occurrence of malignant ones as well. According to Pennery (2009), the most common type of breast cancer are carcinomas which could be distinguished into at least three types: invasive lobular carcinoma, invasive ductal carcinoma, and carcinoma in situ (pp. 2-3). The main difference the first two types of breast cancer is location – invasive lobular carcinomas start in the lobules of the breast whereas the invasive ductal carcinomas start in the ducts of the breast. The one exception is carcinoma in situ which is a very early form of breast cancer found in the ducts but have not yet gained the ability to spread (Pennery (2009), pp.2-3). While breast cancer is a common cause of death, chances of having the disease are still considered to be low. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), American women are at the greatest risk of having the disease. The current incidence rate of the disease according ACS is one in four cancers diagnosed among…

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