Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer And Colon Cancer Essay

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Krystal Headen
Professor Kaitlin Sidorsky
Poli 201
1 December 2015
BLOC Cancer
The breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and colon cancer (BLOC) interest group was formed in September 2012 as an effective organization. It began when the founder, Krystal Headen was unfortunately informed that some of her friends and family members had been diagnosed with (remove either) breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, or the Kahler’s disease. Krystal spent several months building a group and getting everything set up. By the early months of 2013, she made the BLOC interest group public. Krystal formed BLOC because she wanted to make changes in the cancer community. In her research she found that cancer can start anywhere in the human body and it is the name that is given to a collection of related diseases. () In almost all types of cancer, most of the body’s cells start to divide without stopping and then continue to spread into the surrounding tissues. () Once cancer develops, the process begins to break down; the cells become overly abnormal, new cells form even though they are not needed and old and damaged survive when they should be dying off. ()
Most cancers form solid tumors (masses of tissue). () Blood cancers, such as leukemia, normally do not form solid tumors. () Cancerous tumors are can spread into nearby tissues. () As these tumors grow, some cancer cells can break off and travel to distant places in the body through the blood or the lymph…

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