Breast Cancer And Its Effects Essay

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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has been the most concentrated on focus for finding a cure, asides from AID’s, for decades. It is a serious issue that plagues not only women, but, in some rare cases, men too. 1 in 8 United States women (approximately 12%) will develop some form of breast cancer, according to One should perform a self-examination once a month. There are 4 stages of breast cancer, with 4 being the most severe. To determine the stage of breast cancer, tumor size, lymph node status, and metastases are inspected. The history of breast cancer predates to ancient times, but not much was known about it until the 19th century.
Some symptoms of breast cancer include: a lump in the breast, or pain, tenderness, indentation, or inflammation in the breast. Swelling in the armpit and changes in the nipple, such as odd discharge or color/shape change are also symptoms.
A partial mastectomy is the process of removing only the infected part of the breast. If any surrounding tissue has the possibility of being affected, it has to be removed. The only big side effects of this type of surgery is the change in shape of the breast. Common terms to recognize in this type of surgery include: positive/clear margin, meaning no cancer cells were found at the surrounding tissue. If the margin was “clear” it could also mean that the margin was close, and eventually more surgery is going to be required. Positive margin is if cancer cells were found in the…

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