Essay about Breaking Traditions

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Youth Follow Traditions Cherry Traditions take a great significance in everyone’s life. Adults think that it is very important to follow the traditions which are passed by ancestors and cannot abandon these customs or allow children ignore them. However, as for youth, saidi a. (2002,April 26)said,“ Throughout the centuries, youth have been pressured by the "older" and "wiser" adults of their generation as they continue to accept traditions and customs ”. Youth take these traditions for granted and are more eager to chase fashion instead of following traditions, which is a great concern for their parents. In the next ,we will discuss some causes about why youth not follow traditions as well as effects …show more content…
Another reason is about yonth’s disrespect of traditions. They feel their traditions are boring, and prefer to chase something they think cool. For example, some Chinese youngsters,who have great passion for western holidays, know little about their own traditional festivals. It is so pathetic to have no idea about their own traditional festivals , instead ,they are

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