Breaking The Chains : A Panel On Human Trafficking Essay

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Last week, Boston College 's R.E.A.C.T (Rallying Efforts Against Contemporary Trafficking) group hosted a panel on trafficking called Breaking the Chains: A Panel on Human Trafficking. For a compelling hour and a half the four speakers (Eileen Campbell, Jasmine Marino, Stephanie Clark, and Sarah Durfey) gripped the audience with true tales of the contemporary slave trade both in the U.S and abroad; while dispelling rumors and myths associated with human trafficking today. Human trafficking is nothing like what we see portrayed in hollywood. It is not neat or glamorous and Liam Neeson I not saving women left and right. Realistically, the plight of women in sex slavery today draws some very close parallels to the chattel slavery of the 18th and 19th slavery. One recurring topic of the panel was a notion of invisible chains. These chains referred to the cyclical and hidden nature of modern human trafficking. it is so difficult for people to remove themselves from the system because of the barriers of law, ability to find work, and mentality. Just like in the era of chattel slavery (taking into account the example of Incidents in the life of a slave girl) these same themes recur today in the sex trafficking industry. chains made from iron and steel are easy enough to break, the real barriers to escape were and are the invisible institutional chains brought about by generations of inacces to opportunity.
Law was one of the main barrier for linda when she was in process of…

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