Breaking News : Media Negatively Impacts People Essay

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Breaking News: Media Negatively Impacts People
When I was younger, I stood on my tippy toes to reach the top of the television while stretching my arms up to put the VHS tape into the player. This massive TV was at least five feet tall and three feet wide with a big screen. My parents proudly placed it in the corner and moved all the furniture in a semicircle around it. When flat screens came along, we hauled the huge one down to the curb and replaced it with one that gave us more room, better quality, and most importantly, an even bigger picture. Five TV sets in my house tops the Nielsen’s Television Audience Report of 2009 which shows the average American home has 2.86 TV sets (More Than Half of the Homes in the US 1). This large number of televisions per household leads to a wide population of people viewing TV shows such as news. As technology evolved, so did the access and intensity of news stations leading to more in depth coverage of emotionally charged issues around the world; this is available through a touch of a finger on phones, tablets, laptops, and flatscreens. Negative news takes a toll on the human psyche with the bombardment of emotionally charged stories that cause emotional distress and changes in our behavior.
The development of more news stations and immediate access to information changed the news into a form of entertainment filled with violence and disaster aimed at captivating the viewer 's attention to boost ratings. I sat down on a…

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