Breaking Home Ties Critical Analysis Essay

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Breaking Home Ties Critical Analysis Breaking Home Ties is one of many paintings by Norman Rockwell. It was created in 1954 and since then has been a well known painting to artists and art critics. The detail in the scene and expression on the two men’s faces make this picture a true masterpiece. With the expressions on the characters, one can clearly tell there is a story behind this one framed moment. The man on the left looks over worked and rather numb in the face, while the younger man on the right appears lively and excited. The dog on the young man’s lap seems saddened, like the father, as if it doesn’t want the young man to leave. How could excitement and sorrow be in the same picture? The first thing one might notice when they first see a painting is how it is made. What are the details? How are the details shown? What technique was used to make the masterpiece come to life? Breaking Home Ties was originally an oil painting stretched across a forty-nine by forty-nine inch canvas. Rockwell clearly is able to paint in an excellent realistic style with oil paints, making the characters and even the background seem to come to life. The frame just seems to jump off the page. His shading and coloring looks almost like an actual photograph. Even the detail of the wrinkles and folds of the skin and clothing is perfectly accurate and proportionate. Nothing seems out of place or out of proportion in his work. He even was able to add detail like grains of dirt or…

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