Breakfast Club Essay

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Brian 1. Brian is a perfectionist when it comes to school. Only once has he got any grade under an “A”. Brian’s parents but a ton of pressure on Brian to perform exceptionally in school. 2. Brian is profiled as a nerd. After he got an “F” on a shop project he brought a gun into school to kill himself. However, the gun went off while in Brian’s locker so he was given a detention. 3. Brian shows a form of Denial in that when he got the bad grade he wasn’t able to accept it and was going to kill himself. 4. A) I feel that I could trust Brian because he seems like an honest, trustworthy kid. B) If Brian was at CBA I don’t think we would be friends because we don’t have many common interests but it’s possible we might be …show more content…
In 20 years I think Andy will have a family of his own, he won’t be talking to his father, and he’ll have a bad knee.


1. John has a very outgoing but sometimes mean personality. The way he is treated at his own house is what causes john to come across harsh and mean sometimes. 2. John is profiled as a Trouble maker/ Criminal. He pulled the fire alarm in school and that’s his reason for being in detention. 3. Like Andy, John also uses regression as a defense mechanism. For example when the principle takes him out of the room he acts like a little kid and knocks books and papers all over the floor. John has no one to discipline him and tell him not to do this. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if John’s parents did when they got mad. 4. A) I don’t think I could trust john with things such as school work but I do think he would be a person it’s ok to tell things too. B) If John went to CBA I think I would want to be friends with him because he’s very funny. However, we might not be friends because we have different interests. C) I think John will go back to school on Monday and cause trouble as usual but I also think him and Clare will have some sort of a relationship. At the end of the year I think John will leave his home and get a job and living place of his own. In 20 years I think John will have a wife and a low income job.

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