Brazilian Amazon Geography

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For about fifteen years, there has been a man who has been living and surviving by himself in the Brazilian Amazon. From what I’ve read, he is an Indian, and is determined to be somewhere in his forties. Brazilian officials have also suspected that he is basically the last survivor of an unknown tribe. This man is considered important not only because he’s one of the few known isolated people, but also because of his extremely unique way of life. Not many people can live alone in such an area without technology and other things that are helpful for everyday life. However, for fifteen years, maybe more, this man has managed to do it., The question is, how can he live in such extreme isolation, and how has this shaped his life in terms of the five themes of geography? …show more content…
The physical characteristics of the Amazon are described as very tropical, with a plethora of different plant, animal, and insect life. Despite this, a lot of the area around him, which used to be where his tribe lived, had been deforested and destroyed by land-hungry settlers for development back in 1996. So, because of the many developments going on around the area , the government decided to set up a 31-square-mile area for him to live in solitude. Nobody is allowed to trespass or develop with that area. Basically, that area is his own little

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