Brave New World Symbolism Analysis

Brave New World Symbolism
Within Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World there's numerous symbols that allude to the actual world and concepts. Each part of the world is engineered in a way so that control and happiness are paramount. Everyone is happy doing their assigned tasks and beauty and learning anything outside of their field is shunned. Birthing tubes and hardcore drugs, the New World is a demonstration of what happens when one seeks a utopia. Soma, assembly line people, cognitive conditioning, and William Shakespeare are just a few of the symbols that can be found in this book.
Soma, a drug made to give people happiness, is used to keep citizens in check. Soma is a symbol of false happiness. Different groups get differing amounts, depending
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John is even outcasted for reading Shakespeare, and is cast out. Shakespeare gave John a way to see true romance and the world as it was before - knowledge that nobody should have seen. In the end, it made him sad to know things and never be able to share it.
One of the first, but more important symbols, is the fact that nobody born in this new world really has their own free will. Everyone is born into a factory, budding and conditioning are key to the New World. The government regulates their free will with hypnopædic sayings in their sleep, and people are broken into castes. Everyone is kept happy and ignorant of the outside world unless they have permission otherwise. No one of one caste is allowed to speak to another, otherwise they would learn of the horrors.
Overall, Brave New World has various symbols that detail ways to not let the world be run. Ignorance is no way to have people, lest when they learn they become unhappy. Regulation of fate is horrible, for when someone escapes or challenges it, it brakes the whole system. False happiness, any sorts of “Soma,” if you will, only makes people hate it once they realize what really happiness is. In the end, one can only hope to make the best society that they can, because trying to make it perfect only makes it more

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