Essay on Brave New World: Embrace Misfits?

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Embrace misfits?

People in today's society tend to be "normal" and have a place to "fit" into our society. However, there are those who are "abnormal" and do not "fit". In today's social order, it is "normal" for those who "fit" and those who do not "fit" to co-exist. In the novel Brave New World, those who do not "fit" are cast out onto an island far away from civilization. Those who are cast out are referred to as misfits. Looking at Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World as a guide, should we embrace or shun the misfits in our own world? When a world is manipulated it is insufficient and flawed since those who have created it are imperfect. There are different types of misfits in the book Brave New World. They represent and
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This suggests the way of living in the World state sees love, romance and sex as a flaw in our society today. However their mistakes of such assumptions are represented in misfits who do not share the same instincts as the other citizens of the state. A young beta female, Lenina finds herself dating men for long periods. When her roommate Fanny says "I really do think you ought to be more careful. It's such horribly bad form to go on and on like this with one man. At forty, or thirty-five it would not be so bad. But at your age, Lenina! No, it really wont do." (Huxley 40) this suggests that Lenina is a misfit and needs to be advised to sleep around more so she would be like all the others in the community. She has human instincts to find a mate that she can spend the rest of her life. This instinct over comes her artificial instincts conditioned in her from birth. Even though genetically altered there are certain misfits in the world state that have still obtained the human characteristics which had been planned to be abolished from them.

Firstly, people in the world today establish individuality as a relfection of their own unique image. In today's society people who look different from each other is the norm and we live with this reality every day. However, in a society such as that shown in Brave New World where hundreds of people look exactly alike, those who are different stand out in abundance. The first

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