Brave New World By Aldous Huxley Essay example

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In the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley the society conditions its people and this is a form of social control. This approach to social control makes the citizens happy and trouble free because of the conditioning they are unable to be any way other than content. The conditioning that they receive happens before they are even alive in the society. One example of the type of conditioning the society uses to control the population is when the Director talks about, “oxygen-shortage for keeping an embryo below par” (Huxley 14). They do this conditioning to keep certain people in a certain environment and some of these people are called Epsilon. The conditioning does not stop at the embryo stage it continues during infancy, childhood and continues to affect the adults. An example of this is when they condition the Delta babies to, “grow up with what the psychologists used to call an ‘instinctive’ hatred of books and flowers” (20). They do this style of conditioning to control what the Delta’s will like and they do not want them to like nature or any of their people (21). An example of conditioning in adulthood is when a Lenina mention how terrible old age is and how terrible looking old is. She really dislikes this because their society does not allow it to occur (94). The conditioning they do to keep people in certain groups is also a form of social control. In the Brave New World society the people are divided into different groups due to the conditioning they receive…

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