Brand Value Creation: Analysis of the Interbrand-Business Week Brand Value Rankings

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Brand Value Creation: Analysis of the Interbrand-Business Week Brand Value Rankings Author(s): Singfat Chu and Hean Tat Keh Source: Marketing Letters, Vol. 17, No. 4 (Dec., 2006), pp. 323-331 Published by: Springer Stable URL: . Accessed: 04/04/2011 12:32
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A involves firm a brand investing ofitsassetsin advertising part management program as andpromotional activities, wellas in R&D (KellerandLehmann, 2003). In leverthat to the to it equity, is critical understand determinants contribute its agingbrand creation. and of other The individual contributionsadvertising, promotional consumer (e.g., and and to trade event marketing, sponsorships) R&D expenses brand promotions, should positive. contrast, be If too the In valueremain unclear. firms spend little, returns As the shouldbe negative. such,thelinkbetween if they spendtoo much, returns valueshouldnotbe linear. theseexpenses brand and Rather, deviation any (positive shouldaffect or negative) from (Aakerand Carman, performance optimal spending of in we 1982). Accordingly thispaper, examinethecontributions advertisement, towards brand valuecreation. and promotional R&D expenses Section2 surveys relevant the The paperis organized follows. as studies on prior brand value.Section3 focuseson thedata analysis. Section4 tiesin theempirical and results current to directions future for research. marketing practices suggests 2. Antecedents brandvalue creation of In this we the to how investsection, review literature understand marketing program andR&D expenses, brand ments,

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