Brand Impact On Body Image

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The impact of brands on body image
Discuss the ways in which the idea of ‘Body Image’ is created through advertising and brand promotion. How is this reinforced by celebrity promotion? What potential damage can be done by certain Body Image prototypes? Are there examples of positive body image in advertising and branding?

The area of research will be focussing on is an issue which has plagued the fashion conscious world for decades. The issue of body image, especially on women, and the impact advertising has on the minds of present day generation and generations before them had been in the shadows for years. We can define body image as something which is “generally understood as a mental image of the body as it appears to others” (Featherstone, 2010) meaning the perception we
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Some of the many advertising campaigns that will be researched will be based on M¬cDonalds advertising strategies in the way they target consumers along with other brands such as Nestle, Burger king, KFC, Subway which all have a similar approach in the way they advertise. The focus will be on the success of these fast food brands which can be seen through the thousands of stores they have located across the globe; the rise of competition has also meant prices have fallen. “According to a report by Harvard researchers in 2004, cheap convenient foods have become the main driving force behind rising rates of obesity in the west” (Thomas, 2008, p.40) This quote outlines how the rise of these fast food restaurants have had a detrimental effect on our waistlines. In relation to our appearance in the way our body image is presented in today’s society as we intake more junk the more we lose our self in the way our image looks in appearance to the body as we start to most likely gain a lot of weight that starts to affect us in the way we

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