Braking System Of The Formula Sae Car Essay

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Braking – Possible Solution
Carbon Matrix Brake Rotors
Introduction: The braking system of the Formula SAE car is limited by the rules, cost and manufacturability. Under these limitations, it must be able to perform reliably in all events, especially the full 22km of the endurance run. Therefore, the braking system must be capable at working at both high and low temperature conditions to ensure safety and good braking capabilities throughout the whole race. The proposed braking system is made up of Carbon Matrix Composite brake rotors made by Braketech USA and Ferodo Racing Array Cooling XRAC brake pads. The system consists of a single brake at the rear (limited slip differential (LSD)) and a brake for each wheel at the front with both being activated by the same pedal. The system features adjustable bias front to rear (Eg; 70F:30R) and each will be activated by an independent hydraulic system.
Cost (1): The cost of the Carbon Matrix Compound brake rotors is approximately $2,500ea and $200ea for the brake pads, so in total, ~$8000. This is the pitfall of this potential solution, especially seeming keeping the cost of the Formula SAE car as economically viable as possible is a main objective. Thus, it makes this potential braking system difficult to justify due to its low performance benefit to cost ratio.
Performance Benefit (7): The brake rotor that is proposed in this solution is manufactured by Braketech USA and is made out of Carbon Matrix Composite which gives an…

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