braaap mix 5 10 Essay

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4c. The Level Of Customer Service Provided! Braaap intends to provide customers with the utmost support and assistance before and after their purchase. Customers deal with experienced and knowledgeable staff who are trained and educated on their subject. Staff know their questions and their answers. When customers feel they are valued and appreciated, a certain level of trust is built between them and the company. How staff deal with customers also adds to the overall company reputation.! Braaap also uses social networking as a tool to effectively connect and maintain contact with their customers. Social networking is a large part of the lives of their customer base (20-35 year olds), so this is an extremely efficient and effective method …show more content…
This creates a more satisfying and informative shopping experience.

6. Components Of The Marketing Mix! Braaap offers a large variety of products including various types of motorcycles and equipment to cater across their intended target market. These bikes include Superlite, kids, road and electronic. There is an unequivocal interrelationship between the quality and strength of the product and the customers’ willingness to purchase. Higher quality ! products cause higher demand and more expectation. Braaap is known as one of the best motorcycle manufacturing companies in the world therefore customers are attracted to make purchases, especially motoring enthusiasts. To encourage further purchasing, Braaap offer additional accessories such as cloths and protections. Customers are extremely attracted to Braaap because of the flexibility of design, size and colour. Along with offering a lifetime warranty, Braaap have successfully appealed to their customer base and continue to offer new products to attract new customers.! terms of strategy, pricing is an extremely important factor. A lower price !doesn't guarantee a In higher selling rate. Braaap has a flexible price range to cater for all levels of customer needs. Their customer base has a stronger chance of growing if more people are able to afford their

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