Boy Coming Of Age Character Analysis

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About a Boy coming of age
1. The main character is 38 year old bachelor Will Freeman, who does not work, living of the royalties of a famous Christmas song written by his late father, and who after meeting a 12 year old Marcus Brewer discovers the need for companionship and love. Back ground life appears to be very important in the film for instance Fiona a single parent struggling to raise a 12 year boy and fighting mental illness, at the same time. VS wealthy two parent house hold yet, they learn from each other and provide different ideas and support each other. Marcus advises Will to be honest to his friends or tell them the truth if he wants to be with them as friends.
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One day bullies chases him from school into will’s flat throwing candies at him as he runs for his life and Will chases them off. After this attack Will realize how important he is in Marcus life. Will and Marcus grew up together and learn how to make changes in their lives. Marcus wants to grow and become a mature person for instance he wants Will to educate him about the difference between a friend who is a girl and a girlfriend. Will did not have focus, and trying to make himself to be a single parent and to see if he could meet someone special.
Marcus brings joy, peace and changes to his life. Marcus influence was a huge impact to Will and makes him mature. Will becomes a role model to Marcus because he needs someone to talk to as a parent due to the fact that his mother demonstrates some behavior associated with mental illness. Will remains his big brother, his mentor, his friend, and a daddy to Marcus. Marcus tries to hook Will up with his mother in order to cheer her up from depressive mood and crying but, the plans did not work after a single date. Instead Marcus becomes close and bonds with him after blackmailing him with facts that
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One day Marcus returns home and finds his mother crying in the living room. He tries to talk to Will about it but, he appears withdrawn and unenthusiastic because of his break up with Rachel. Marcus decides to sing a song at a school talents show in order to make his mother happy. Will attempts to go back to his previous life style but was unable to carry it out and decides to help Marcus. Will attends a meeting of the single parent support group to find Fiona and pleads with her not to commit suicide and she promises him that she has no plans to do so in the future and reveals to him that Marcus has to sing a song at the school show that day. Will realizes that this will be a big embarrassment for Marcus and rushes to the school with Fiona to stop him but, Marcus is deeply involve with his decisions to perform before his

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