Essay on Boy 21 By Matthew Quick

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“You can lose yourself in repetition—quiet your thoughts; I learned the value of this at a very young age.”
Said Finley, a boy who literally escaped his thoughts and accomplished his goals, speaks these words in the young adult novel, Boy 21, by Matthew Quick. In the novel, Finley, a senior starting basketball player in high school, faces the challenge in mentoring Russ, an amazing basketball player, after he loses himself when his parents die. Finley is quiet and doesn’t speak much to anybody, because his mother died when he was younger, and he’s always been the quiet type. That’s one of the reasons his coach thinks he’d be a good fit to mentor Russ. Finley has a girlfriend named Erin who is also a starting basketball player that goes through the whole process with them. She’s also really quiet and doesn’t like to talk. This is why she and Finley get along so well. He’s the only white person on his basketball team so everybody makes jokes, like referring to him as white rabbit. That’s another reason why coach thinks he’d be a good fit for helping Russ, because before he lost himself, he was the only black person on his basketball team. Finley isn’t hesitant because he grew up obeying his coach and always doing what he says. Although, in the back of his mind he doesn’t want to help because Russ had the same number and played the same position as him. Russ was the number one best player in all of the western hemisphere. He was a national scouted player. Finley was…

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