Essay Boundaries, Boundaries And Boundary Crossing

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Boundaries and Boundary Crossing
Boundaries in the physical sense are seen to be unmovable objects that block our path and/or entrance into another area, but in counseling they are the opposite. Counseling boundaries are movable and should change with each patient and relationship because every person and situation is unique and calls for different kinds of relationships. The Key is to follow the guidelines layout by your state and given counseling association you use as to what the boundary and counseling relationship should entail. The vignette entitled Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals from Sommers, Feldman, and Knowlton uses several short videos to discuss several boundaries issues using a licensed counselor (Carol), a reporter, (Nellie) and a lawyer that specializes in mental health issues (Joseph) (2008). One situation discussed was a Colleague of Carols calling her about a possible ethical dilemma of barter her counseling services for yard work because the client is a landscaper. They discussed possible issues of different monetary values, possible exploitation, and how ethical and legally the practices is (2008). They concluded that bartering using only services, i.e. lawn care and counseling, is a possible issue, but counseling for an object, i.e. mower or a quilt, is slightly better if there is a clear price and “payment- hand over” used. They suggest bartering is a sticky situation and should be avoided when possible, but it is…

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