Confidentiality In Mental Health Counseling

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The insight I gained about confidentiality from the Laureate Education “Clinical mental health counseling: Confidentiality” video was that it’s the cornerstone and foundation of Mental Health Counseling. Confidentiality is an ethical concern to protect client’s privacy rights and legal concept (Laureate Education, Inc., 2012). Counselors must ethically inform their clients of their confidential rights and limitations in their counseling session. Confidential information can’t be released without a client informed consent. There are certain exceptions permitted by law that states that confidential information may be disclosed by a judge and when there is a possibility of serious harm being inflicted by you on another person or on yourself (ACA, …show more content…
She should have been aware of what moral reasons exist for keeping information confidential and what moral reasons exist for revealing confidential information. It’s best to protect confidential information, which link human dignity and respect for others. Each employer is instructed during orientation to inform staff about policies that imply guidelines of maintaining privacy in one’s life as an expression of autonomy (Remley & Herlihy, 2016). In addition to understanding the capacity to choose what others know about them because maintains dignity preserves control over one’s life. Karen shouldn’t have discussed her discomforts of the job to her supervisor. Supervisors are there to provide guidance in a job/career; they aren’t your companionship in a workplace. Confidentiality is particularly important when the revelation of intimate and sensitive information has the potential to harm the individual from getting a raise or higher position (Laureate Education, Inc., …show more content…
Counselors disclose information only with appropriate consent or with sound legal or ethical justification” (ACA, 2014). With regards to confidentiality, counselors should have complex responsibilities toward their clients. They must respect and keep their client’s communications confidential. Before counseling sessions begin, counselors must inform clients of the limitations of confidentiality and seek to identify situations in which confidentiality must be breached. Confidentiality judgment can be broken when a situation in which legal authorities are involved, or if the client seems to be a threat to self or others (ACA,

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