Bottom Line on Ethics Essay

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The article called “The Bottom Line On Ethics” (From the Board, 2003), written by Amitai Etzioni who is the founder and director of “The Communitarian Network ”which is supported by Washington, D.C. and aims to enchance social senses, answers some questions about business ethics and argues that ethics depends on different situations so behaving ethically is not constant. Etzioni, starts his speech defending that good ethics is not good business. He defines the sentence “Good ethics is good business.” by following words. “....Good ethics is good business undermines the essence of business ethics. It implies that the bottom line should guide ethical behaviour.....” (Amitai Etzioni, The Bottom Line on Ethics, From the Board …show more content…
He explains this situtation financially work but it’s illegal so nothing to think anymore. Etzioni firmly believes that ethics is not teaching properly in business schools if it was students must not concerned about the illegal gain but ethics. We can understand the importance of ethics in our lifes from Etzioni’s sentences. “...Ethics goes above and beyond the law, so it’s never enough to just to follow law....” (Amitai Etzioni, The Bottom Line on Ethics, From the Board 2003, p.60) Finally , Etzioni complains the lack of ethics which is imposed to business students. Based on his experiences in Harvard he find out that student’s only aim is to make profit. They do not care about business ethics because their lifes are full of money and power. Etzioni believes that if students learn ethics in every part of business they could understand that life is more than money and power. Etzioni thinks, this attitude that business schools do is depending on America, because only two-third of Americans thinks that their country is applying a wrong moral. So there is no reason business schools to change until a new moral arrangement. He also defends that if business is a game , “how you play” is important than the winner. I agree with Amitai Etzoni because being fair is the most important thing in life. I prefer to be poor instead of being rich in illegal

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