Borderline Personality Disorder And Mental Illness Essay

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Since Borderline personality disorder does not have a known cause, and only factors that play a part in its development, prevention for Borderline Personality Disorder can be either board or not possible. However, with there being no known prevention for BDP, we can assume that the many factors considered to be a possible cause of BDP can also be some of the ways to preventing the development of BPD, or reducing the risk for example abuse and neglect. Inside the home is where a lot of the underlining issues those with Borderline Personality Disorder deal with. One of the distinguishing factors into prevention is, parenting.
Being able to provide a child with the proper care is essential to their mental growth and development. According to PubMed Borderline Personality Disorder should be understood as a disorder of development that has its first manifestations in early childhood. Putting a child in a neglectful and abusive environment will increase their risk for developing a mental illness such a Borderline Personality Disorder. Making sure you understand what your child is feeling or
Another major prevention method would be early intervention, especially in an adolescent. In the Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry, Borderline Personality Disorder in adolescents is associated with marked psychopathology and functional impairment that also increased their risk for developing other mental health disorders, interpersonal problems, stress and a reduced quality…

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