Boo's Rumors In To Kill A Mockingbird

A few points in the book made me think that the Finch kids will not meet Boo. One reason is that people said Boo existed but Scout and Jem had never seen him. There are many rumors about Boo Radley and the Scout and Jem believed every one of them. It is hard to believe that Scout and Jem considering that some of the adults in town have never layed eyes on him. One of these rumors was that Boo only came out at night, which makes me think that Scout and Jem wont ever see Boo. Another thing that was odd about the Radley’s was that they never went to church. Every one in Maycomb would get dressed on Sunday morning and go to church except for the Radleys. Something else that could be considered a tradition in Maycomb was opening up doors and shutters on Sunday, but the Radleys did …show more content…
Boo was locked up for fifteen years because he stabbed his dad and they did not think he was crazy they said he was just high-strung at times. The kids think that Boo might kill them because of all the rumors they have been hearing. One rumor is that the pecans from the Radley tree will kill you if you eat them because the kids think that Boo poisoned them. People also say that when Boo comes out at night he peeks in peoples windows and you can hear him scratching at the back screen. The main reason that Scout is so scared is because she trusts her older brother and he is always making up stories about Boo or telling her stories he has heard. One speculation is that if you knock on Boo Radleys front door he will kill you. Because of all the rumors the kids are too scared to put a toe in the Radleys front yard. Jem also mentioned that Boo is the only reason Miss Rachel locked up so tight at night. I think the main reason that both the Finch kids are scared is because Boo stabbed his dad and the suspense of not seeing Boo makes the kids even more scared as their imaginations go

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