Book Review: Why Does Popcorn Cost So Much at the Movies and Other Pricing Puzzles

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Book Review: ‘Why does popcorn cost so much at the movies: and other pricing puzzles’ by Richard B. McKenzie

‘Why popcorn costs so much at the movies; and other pricing puzzles’ 1by Richard B. McKenzie2 explains the economics behind the pricing in the markets we are around everyday and the public help to generate by helping the circular flow of income. McKenzie applies logic and analyses the data he finds although there are some major flaws in his book that he does not explore on which means it gives the book weakness. McKenzie does not confine himself to general ideas of inflated prices or average market prices, he even uses reasoning about prices to show that the federal government’s rules for getting on airplanes have caused more
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Some of the overall positives of this book are that McKenzie is extremely good at laying out his argument step by step and sticking to his opinion and reinforcing that data that is current to that topic rather than straying off on an adjacent. His simple examples and easily understood language makes the book very easy to comprehend and then adapt to more complex economic situations. Although, for the average reader wanting to have a littlemore knowledge on their markets and pricing issues, it was extremely focused on the economics with little reading around each chapter.

His examples which he produces are very good, with current topics and daily issues, it means that it is interesting for the average reader who wants to get to know more about their daily markets and prices. Although his examples are good, his chapters are overcrowded with them meaning that it becomes repetitive.

McKenzie obviously writes well throughout the book, although some things which I thought were flaws in ‘Why does popcorn cost so much at the movies: and other pricing puzzles’ were that it read very much like a blog with poor editing throughout. The discussions all the way through were also disjointed and disrupted by more examples, which stopped the overall flow of the writing.

There was poor language used in the book to such as ‘their beef’ in multiple chapters, which I thought, was inappropriate for a otherwise highly educational book. This refers back to the idea

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