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SUCCESS BUILT TO LAST: Creating A Life That Matters
By Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson


Success Built to Last builds on over 200 interviews with highly successful people to discern patterns on how they define success and how they achieved it. The authors spoke to remarkable people that were trimmed down from initial thousand lists to hundreds who were able to sustain success for over a 20 year period. The interviewees were Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer, Grammy, Peabody and Grammy award winners as well as CEOs from small and big companies. The group was comprised of people from diverse industries, interests and gender, and majority was over the age of 40 with 95 being the oldest.

The main idea of
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The third part of the book discussed the last element, Action Styles, in the ‘success that lasts formula’. It started with Chapter 9, that tells Builders claim that their success has been a serendipitous journey, and the luck they enjoyed was usually earned, often at a great cost. They have done that by focusing on doing work that is meaningful to them and going deep to discover relevant clues along the way. They set big goals and engaged completely in the work at hand. As a consequence, Builders are better prepared to turn things that on the surface may seem bad or useless into opportunity.
Chapter 10 (Naked Conversations – Harvesting contentions), cites contention as an oddly inspiring Action style of enduring successful people that they actually seek out. The focus is on issues, not people, and the purpose is to encourage contention in a very precise way to draw out the best, most passionate and creative ideas. The last chapter, Creating Alignment – The Environment Always Wins, emphasized creating alignment for these three elements to achieve success that lasts. It recognizes the importance of relationships that people build. Builders find that when their core values, words, and actions are aligned, they feel that they are on track and in turn attract the right people to make their goals happen. Everything that has Meaning gets organized in a Thought Style, which is turned into words and deeds, Action Styles that support what matters to them. Builders use

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