Book Review Of Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert T Kiyosaki

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RICH DAD POOR DAD (book review)
I have recently read this book called rich dad poor dad. This book is written by Robert T. Kiyosaki in 1997. This book tells the importance of financial literacy, financial independence, starting or owning a business, investment real estate, building through investing in assets and increasing someone’s financial intelligence.

The book is very clearly structured and easy to learn, as we start reading this book, the first page shows us the content of book, from where you can get the idea that what exactly in this book is. There is 6 chapters in it which are named as:
1, The Rich Don’t Work For Money
2, Why Teach Financial Literacy ?
3, Mind Your Own Business
4, The
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Robert Flat Out State (and I believe in the right way), your home is not an asset, because it does not produce a positive cash flow. The housing bubble and compressor prove it right. According to Robert asset is something that gives you passive income when you not even work. And he is absolutely right about it.
It means when property prices go down, you are still earning the same from that property it has nothing to do with you because your income is depend on rent not on price of property.

Being an entrepreneur is less risky

Generally speaking, the owner is more dangerous than working for another person. I think, as a business owner, you provide everything self-contained skilful skills when you work for someone else. Anything with today's "somewhat grave" mentality if we are making more dependents

As a business owner has given me lots of freedom and innovative skills that I can use to work for someone else. Whatever the things I used for dangerous thinking or have never imagined before becoming a business owner, I am doing it now on a weekly basis.

What is assets and what is a

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